QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 7 (6/14–6/20/2021)

Recent Announcements

  • miMatic-USDC became the pair with the most liquidity on QuickSwap ($132,499,724)
  • miMatic and Qi have both entered the top 10 tokens list on QuickSwap
  • QIP 005 passed to accept camTokens as collateral for miMatic
  • miMatic mentioned in Challenge 1 for Polygon’s Polygon GR10 Hackathon Bounties
  • Qi featured in CoinGecko’s top 5 trending coins
  • QiDao listed on DeFi Pulse’s DeFi list
  • QiDao became the 3rd largest Matic wallet on Polygon

Most Recent Fireside Chats

Product Improvements

  • Added QIP update link to app page

Upcoming Activities

  • QIP 006: changing miMatic’s name
  • amwMatic vaults opening to mint miMatic
  • Index Coop and DFYN Fireside Chats

Protocol liquidity tracker

Things in the works

  • camTokens: compounding Aave market tokens
  • Qi staking
  • DeFi Pulse TVL rank sheet listing

Community growth

  • Twitter: 3,236 followers
  • Telegram: 1,356 members
  • Discord: 2,486 members

Community shout-outs

Asks for the the community

Partnerships — If you think of partnerships that can help with the following please suggest them or introduce us:

  • Increase use cases of miMatic
  • Help miMatic peg
  • Increase protocol value
  • Increase community growth
  • Fireside chat guests

Suggestions — Send them on our Discord suggestions channel

Create original content

  • Articles
  • Memes
  • “How to” videos
  • Retweet and tag us on Twitter

Learn more about QiDao and get involved in the community








When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

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Lao Zi

Lao Zi

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

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