QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 24 (10/11–10/16/2021)

Recent Announcements

  • Find our weekly fundamentals review on our Medium
  • Launched vaults on Fantom — Approval vote to launch on other chains
  • Added camDAI as collateral — Approval vote
  • Added FTM as collateral — Approval vote
  • Approval to add AVAX as collateral in preparation to launch on Avalanche — Approval vote
  • Added Yearn vault assets — Approval vote
  • Held a Fireside chat with Fantom — Video link
  • Held a Fireside chat with BanklessDAO — Video link
  • Partnered BeethovenX on Fantom — Held a ama with their awesome team and look forward to working with them on Fantom — Audio link
  • Launched cam zapper — Special thanks to Royalaid
  • Debt ceilings reached: LINK (Polygon), AAVE (Polygon), camAAVE (Polygon), yvDAI (Fantom) — Debt ceilings are increased 48hrs after the debt ceilings are reached.
  • QiDao is a multisig for Tesseract (Yearn on Polygon)
  • New Balancer LP for QI on Polygon: BAL/QI
  • Amount of Qi staked 8,371,797 (29.89%)
  • 8,658 addresses holding Qi (4.01% increase)

Upcoming Activities

  • Avalanche Launch
  • Voting on Beefy LPs as collateral through Market.xyz
  • Voting on Beefy single sided mootokens as collateral
  • Cloakwire final report
  • Liscon events and side events
  • QiDao part of the Polygon Ecosystem DAO
  • Instadapp bounty

Conversations in the works

  • Strategies with Polygon team
  • Grant conversations with other chains — Harmony, Moonriver, Solana, NEAR
  • Partnership with Crypto Colosseum
  • Partnering with NFT and gaming projects on Polygon
  • Cross chain partnerships with projects on Moonriver, Fantom,Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana etc.
  • Hiring a PR/marketing firm
  • Creating committees lead by community members
  • Margin lending with partner DEXs
  • Polygon hackathon bounty — “How might we use automation within Mai.finance to improve the user experience?” — Team building auto-repaying loans.

Most Recent Fireside Chats and AMAs

You can find them all on our fireside chats on YouTube channel

You can also listen to our fireside chats and AMAs on our podcast channel on Spotify

Community growth

  • Lao Zi Twitter: 5,039 followers (2.34% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 4,452 Followers (14.18% increase)
  • Telegram: 1,691 members (0.48% increase)
  • Discord: 4,543 members ( 8.87% increase)
  • Youtube: 305 subscribers (0.33% increase)

Community shoutouts

  • Royalaid — Helping with the integration of the cam zapper.

Asks for the the community

  • As we launch on other chains, help spread the word amongst your communities to try out our vaults.
  • Spread the word of our borrowing incentives. Share with communities to encourage them to use QiDao Vaults.
  • Engage in community discussions on Discord
  • Vote when we have QIPs out.
  • More important than ever are partnerships we can make on other chains — If you think of partnerships that can help please introduce us.

Learn more about QiDao and get involved in the community








When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

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Lao Zi

Lao Zi

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

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