QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 20 (9/13–9/19/2021)

  • Borrowing incentives launched for all vault types. Each vault type will receive 0.05 Qi/block. For more information about the borrow incentives and how to earn them check out the guide “MAI loans and Vault incentives” made by community member Pingu
  • New Vaults overview page released
  • New create vault page released
  • New Anchor page released
  • Aavegotchi announced Raffle 5 with exclusive Laozigotchi wearables. The raffle is live Sept. 24 2PM UTC — Sept. 27 2PM UTC. The Lao Zi wearables have a rarity rating of GODLIKE (the most rare). For more information on how to enter in the raffle you can read this detailed guide made by the Aavegotchi team.
  • Launched QIP026: (Round 4) Adding new collateral assets: Top 3 collaterals with over 50% of the vote will be added as collateral. Options are dQUICK, GHST, BAL, DPI, UNI. We encourage all Qi holders to vote.
  • MAI lending market opened on Martket.xyz. Holders of MAI will be able to supply MAI to these markets and earn interest when others borrow. Notes: Market is currently in beta and QIP027: Partnering with Market.xyz on MAI lending market is active on snapshot.
  • Amount of Qi staked 5,690,499 ( 22.76% of circulating supply; 0.45% increase)
  • 8,370 addresses holding Qi (31.98% week-to-week increase)
  • Events of the week: AMA with Anyswap, AMA with Market.xyz, QiDao town hall — Using KPI Options
  • Weekly reward vaule from QiDao and partners is over $600,000
  • DAI and USDT will be added to Anchor
  • Winning collaterals from QIP026 to be added as vault types
  • Polygon hackathon bounty — “How might we use automation within Mai.finance to improve the user experience?”
  • Instadapp bounty
  • Continued Improvements to app site UI
  • LPs as collateral
  • Cross chain partnerships
  • Paid marketing ads
  • Marketing campaign
  • Integrating the camToken zappah made by Royalaid
  • KPI option QIP
  • Lao Zi Twitter: 4,803 followers (0.84% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 3,447 Followers (7.35% increase)
  • Telegram: 1,623 members (1.56% increase)
  • Discord: 3,747 members ( 3.71% increase)
  • Youtube: 301 subscribers (unchanged)
  • 0xEvan, Backfire Capital, and the KPI Task Force for presenting their plans for KPI options during the community town hall.
  • Big marketing push. We have launched our borrowing incentives. Spread the word, share with communities to encourage them to use QiDao Vaults.
  • Vote on the proposals we have out.
  • Partnerships — If you think of partnerships that can help with the following please suggest them or introduce us:



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