QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 2 (5/10–5/16/2021)

Recent Announcements

  • miMatic and Qi listed on QuickSwap
  • QuickSwap Long Term Evolution rewards
  • Added liquidity from treasury to SushiSwap LPs. This is the first step to adding miMatic as a collateral type for Kashi Lending
  • Added two community mods
  • Created Qi movements channel on Discord to track Protocol expenses and payments

Fireside Chats

Product Improvements

  • Created a search bar for vaults. Users can use this to access their vaults if the Covalent API is down.
  • Added link on the app site to add tokens to MetaMask and to buy them on QuickSwap

Upcoming Activities

  • CoinGecko and SushiSwap fireside chats
  • QIP 003 vote: decreasing the liquidation rate

Protocol liquidity tracker

Things in the works

  • Getting Qi and miMatic listed on SushiSwap
  • Fixing the CoinGecko Qi pricing
  • Combining app and rewards pages

Community growth

  • Twitter: 1320
  • Telegram: 502 members
  • Discord: 608 members

Asks for the the community

Partnerships — If you think of partnerships that can help with the following please suggest them or introduce us:

  • Increase use cases of miMatic
  • Help miMatic peg
  • Increase protocol value
  • Increase community growth
  • Fireside chat guests

Vote on QIP 003!

Make memes!

Retweet and tag us on Twitter

Create “How to” videos

Learn more about QiDao and get involved in the community








When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

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Lao Zi

Lao Zi

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

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