QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 18 (8/30–9/5/2021)

Recent Announcements

  • Qi staked 5,083,742 (22% of circulating supply; 4% increase from last week)

Upcoming Activities

  • New liquidity mining rewards start Wednesday

Things in the works

  • Improvements to app site UI

Most Recent Fireside Chats

You can find them all on our YouTube channel

Community growth

  • Lao Zi Twitter: 4,693 followers (0.95% increase)

Community shoutouts

  • Geekvine for setting up our podcast channel with all our recorded AMAs and Fireside chats

Asks for the the community

Please help where you can by sharing and liking content & tweets. Feel free to share marketing ideas on our community suggestions channel on Discord.

Vote — You can boost your Qi Powah by locking your Qi at https://app.mai.finance/boost

Partnerships — If you think of partnerships that can help with the following please suggest them or introduce us:

  • Increase use cases of MAI

Retweet and tag us on Twitter.

Learn more about QiDao and get involved in the community







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