QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 16 (8/16–8/22/2021)

  • Qi staked 4,044,255 (19% of circulating supply)
  • 5,966 addresses holding Qi (2.5% week-to-week increase)
  • QiDao Improvement Proposals: We have opened up Discord discussions around the upcoming QIPs: AMMs, LPs, and incentives
  • Product enhancement: Added Qi from Adamant, Pickle, Beefy, and Qi-Quick pairs to Qi Powah
  • Decreased liquidation ratios (130% for CRV, WETH, AAVE, LINK & 135% for camToken vaults)
  • Increased Debt ceiling of camWMATIC, camWETH and LINK by 1m MAI each
  • Quickswap Fireside Chat with Tyler
  • Partnered with Gelato to automate the compounding of Aave market yield tokens
  • Collateral Vaults queued to launch: Sushi — In talks with Sushi about possibly adding xSushi, WBTC — Testing is complete. Will announce Launch in week 17.
  • Fireside chat with Fernando Martinelli, CEO of Balancer
  • QIP 20 — Live now: Choosing AMMs
  • Upcoming: Stable pair QIP
  • Upcoming: Qi pair QIP
  • Upcoming: Liquidity mining incentives QIP
  • Improvements to app site UI
  • Vault incentives
  • Paid marketing ads
  • Lao Zi Twitter: 4,613 followers (1.6% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 1,755 Followers (19% increase)
  • Telegram: 1,524 members (increase 0.5%)
  • Discord: 3,538 members (increase 2.5%)
  • Youtube: 292 subscribers (increase 2.8%)
  • Royalaid for completing the bounty helping to include Adamant, Pickle and Beefy Qi in the Qi Powah
  • 0xAdi for connecting us to instadapp
  • **Big push is marketing. Please help where you can by sharing and liking content & tweets. Feel free to share marketing ideas on our community suggestions channel on Discord.
  • Vote — The next few weeks will be important in crafting the future of QiDao. We have enabled the Qi Powah boost to give you more voting power.
  • Partnerships — If you think of partnerships that can help with the following please suggest them or introduce us: Increase use cases of MAI, Help MAI peg, Increase protocol value, Increase community growth, Fireside chat guests, Retweet and tag us on Twitter.



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Lao Zi

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