QiDao Fundamentals Review: Week 28 (11/08–11/14/2021)

  • Passed $100M TVL
  • Launched MAI and QI farms on Fantom
  • SpookySwap launched MAI-USDC farm
  • 9,573 addresses holding Qi
  • 10,049,811 Qi staked (32% of circulating supply)
  1. Summary Metrics
  2. Total Value Locked Breakdown
  3. Liquidity Tracker
  4. Qi Staking Overview
  5. Revenue Breakdown
  6. Prices Update
  • 100% gains from farming deposit fee revenue
  • 30% of repayment fee revenue
  • 30% of Anchor/Swap fee revenue
Note: retained earnings = accumulated revenue — distributed revenue



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Lao Zi

Lao Zi

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