QiDao Analytics Team Receives Grant from Polygon Ecosystem DAO

Part 1 — Data Engineering:

  • Vault data (transactions, collateral ratio, collateral deposited/borrowed data) ($2k)
  • LP data (transactions, deposits/withdraws into LP positions, incentives per pool) ($2k)

Part 2 — Dashboard construction:

  • Aggregate & Historical Protocol Level Data for vaults and LPs (x2 dashboards @ $2k each)
  • Individual user vault and LP position (x2 dashboards @ $2k each)

About Mai Finance and QiDao

About Polygon Ecosystem DAO

  1. Go to Polygon Ecosystem DAO Submission Form 35
  2. Fill the requested fields
  3. Submit the request
  4. Join Polygon Ecosystem DAO Discord Server 20
  5. Write your proposal name on the SUBMISSIONS channel
  6. Wait for Polygon Ecosystem DAO feedback
  7. Follow them on Twitter: @PolygonDao



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