Introducing QiDao V2

  • New liquidation engine: allows for dynamic liquidations in response to a vault’s collateralization.
  • Risk management improvements: creates a new process for approving and monitoring new vault types.
  • Chain-specific tailoring: adapts vaults to meet the specific needs of each individual blockchain related to gas fees, onchain liquidity, and ecosystem maturity.
  • Vault deprecation measures: adds new tools for the DAO to deprecate vault types.
  • Multiple frontends: opens MAI minting to various providers through a partnership with Manhattan Finance.
  • Vault size limits: caps the debt size that each individual vault can have, preventing vaults that are “too big to liquidate”.
  • Constant liquidity monitoring: new contributor position will have the community create and maintain liquidity monitoring reports for all collaterals and chains QiDao is on.
  • Insight into new deployments: all new vault and oracle code will have to be approved by the DAO before launches.
  • Public risk grading for collaterals (performed by community).
  • Minimum discussion and voting periods.
  • Monthly reports with collateral onchain liquidity tracking (performed by community).
  • Added step of approving new vault and oracle code through DAO governance.
  • Maximum vault size: caps the size of individual debt positions, based on available liquidity and the maturity of a chain’s DeFi community.
  • Minimum debt: requires a minimum amount of MAI to be borrowed to open a debt position, based on gas fees and onchain liquidation activity.
  • Interest fee — increases debt positions to persuade debtors to repay positions.
  • Global borrow maximum — prevents new debt positions from being opened without needing to continually remove available debt ceilings.
  • Repayment fee
  • Interest rate fee
  • Borrowing fee
  • Minimum borrow
  • Max debt per vault
  • Partial liquidations
  • Buy risky vault

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